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ISO containers

Standard ISO Containers & Platforms

ECLIPS can supply all types and sizes of ISO containers, from refrigerated reefer containers, half height and high cube (HC) containers to general purpose (GP) 20 ft and 40 ft containers. ECLIPS can supply second hand, refurbished and new containers in significant quantities.

containers flatrack

Shipping Container Sizes

The following standard shipping container sizes are available:

  • 20 ft GP, the standard size (6 m L x 2.4 m W x 2.6 m H)
  • 20 ft HC, a taller 20 ft container (6 m L x 2.4 m W x 2.9 m H)
  • 20 ft Reefer, a regular 20 ft container built with insulated panels for refrigeration
  • 40 ft GP, the standard ‘long’ container (12 m L x 2.4 m W x 2.6 m H)
  • 40 ft HC, a taller 40 ft container (12 m L x 2.4 m W x 2.9 m H)
  • 40 ft Reefer, a regular 40 ft container built with insulated panels for refrigeration
  • 10 ft Bicon, half a 20 ft container (3 m L x 2.4 m W and available in a range of heights)
  • 6 ft Tricon (6’3”), one-third of a 20 ft container (1.9 m L x 2.4 m W and available in a range of heights)
  • 5 ft Quadcon, one-quarter of a 20 ft container (1.4 m L x 2.4 m W and available in a range of heights)

ECLIPS also offers a transportation and installation service for all of its products. Please note, ECLIPS does not sell standard ISO containers in small quantities but is however, happy to assist with any enquiries.

Shipping container grades

Our containers are available in the following grades:

  • New. One-way export unit manufactured in the current or previous year. A brand new container.
  • “A” grade shipping containers. Very good condition. Absolutely wind and watertight. All holes (if there have been any) have been properly and fully repaired. No dents over 50mm deep. Good floor with no breakages. Doors easily open to the full 270 degrees and all locking bars, cams, saddles, retainers, handles and seals are in good condition. These containers are suitable for export or food transport.
  • “A” grade painted shipping containers. Same as “A” grade (see above) but repainted to as-new condition with marine grade paint.
  • “B” grade shipping containers. General purpose units suitable for household goods. Wind and watertight, may have up to 10% corrosion internally or externally, possibly some minor deep rust. May have been fixed with flashtac heavy duty aluminium bitumen tape. These containers are still suitable for storage and other applications but we would not recommend them for construction or other very long-term applications.
  • “C” grade shipping containers. There is something wrong with the container. Suitable for machinery, tools, or anything that needs only basic shelter. These containers may have: a high rust level (greater than 15% internally or externally), heavy impact damage, a broken floor, and/or missing door seals. The shipping container may not be wind and watertight. Holes may have been fixed with automotive body filler, Solastic or aluminium-backed bitumen tape. These containers are still secure: the doors still lock and there is no way to break in. We only recommend these containers for securing machinery, tools or anything that does not need to be kept indoors. These containers are a very affordable way to secure generators, trailers, and other easily stolen equipment.

pdf Bicon Reefer tearsheet

pdf 20 ft Reefer tearsheet

pdf 40 ft Reefer tearsheet

Modified ISO Containers

In addition to standard containers and platforms, ECLIPS has a range of off-the-shelf specialised equipment. ECLIPS can supply containers for storage and transport of hazardous goods and specially sealed containers for environmentally sensitive areas. All ECLIPS containers can be customised to incorporate fully opening sides, open roofs, or any other modification required.

Half Height Containers

ECLIPS has a range of half height containers including two types of open-top containers designed to carry heavy bulk cargo such as ore or mineral products. These can be loaded from above and are manufactured to be versatile and sturdy enough to withstand rugged mining/industrial environments.

20 ft open-top half height container with removable steel roof:

Length (external)Width (external, including roof locking)Height (external)Maximum Gross Weight (MGW)Tare WeightMaximum PayloadCapacity
6058 mm2590 mm1800 mm30,500 kg2900 kg27,600 kg19 m3

NPM-HH-2a_300 NPM-HH-1_300

20 ft open-top half height container with angled canvas cover (rolling tarp):

Length (external)Width (external)Height (external)Maximum Gross Weight (MGW)Tare Weight (with roof)Maximum PayloadCapacity
6100 mm2438 mm2896 mm34,310 kg3310 kg31,000 kg29.8 m3

BIS-HH-1_300 BIS-HH-2_300