Townsville Urban Operations Training Facility

Built for the Australian Army, the Townsville Field Training Area Urban Operations Training Facility is a large installation of the ECLIPS (formerly Sea Box International) Reconfigurable Urban Operations Training System (RUOTS).

This facility has over 150 containers and creates a realistic urban environment for training soldiers. The buildings include realistic representations of:

  • Markets
  • Multi-story buildings
  • Roofs and balconies
  • Houses
  • Power stations
  • Medical centres.

Navy Generator Training Containers

ECLIPS (formerly Sea Box International) designed the Containerised Diesel Generator Modules specifically to meet the training requirements of the Royal Australian Navy. Within a standard 20 ft ISO shipping container, each transportable training module features:

  • Self-contained Cummins C110 D5 diesel generator set with bunded floor
  • Sephco LSOV125 load bank
  • Overhead gantry rail and hoist
  • Two double-opening container doors and three personnel doors
  • Steel workbench and lighting
  • Power, ventilation and fire suppression systems.

Observation Post

This observation post was created as an addition to the Australian Federal Police (AFP) Method of Entry Unit training modules project. It’s a simple, two-storey observation post with an internal staircase. These products are ideal for training and for actual observation work.
The containers come ready for assembly, vastly reducing the on-site construction requirements of a conventionally built structure. This makes deployment to difficult areas much easier.

Dive Tank

The ECLIPS (formerly Sea Box International) Dive Tank was developed for the Australian Defence Force for Special Forces training and provides a fully functioning containerised scuba diving training tank. The unit is fully transportable once emptied and can be easily relocated as required.