Townsville Urban Operations Training Facility

Built for the Australian Army, the Townsville Field Training Area Urban Operations Training Facility is a large installation of the ECLIPS (formerly Sea Box International) Reconfigurable Urban Operations Training System (RUOTS).

This facility has over 150 containers and creates a realistic urban environment for training soldiers. The buildings include realistic representations of:

  • Markets
  • Multi-story buildings
  • Roofs and balconies
  • Houses
  • Power stations
  • Medical centres.

Meeting Room

Demonstrating the versatility and practicality of shipping container buildings, this containerised meeting room comprises of two modified shipping containers and comes complete with kitchenette and electrical and plumbing services pre-installed. ECLIPS (formerly Sea Box International) specialises in customised container buildings; the home or office design is limited only by your imagination.

Aspen Laundry

This laundry module built for Aspen Medical was installed in the Solomon Islands. We deliver our products worldwide and pride ourselves on providing customised solutions to our customers.
If you look closely at the image of the laundry module, you can see the container is mounted on temporary footings. These footings allow the container to be installed with minimal site preparation and removed without any major disturbance, while also being sturdy enough to hold the container permanently.