Observation Post

This observation post was created as an addition to the Australian Federal Police (AFP) Method of Entry Unit training modules project. It’s a simple, two-storey observation post with an internal staircase. These products are ideal for training and for actual observation work.
The containers come ready for assembly, vastly reducing the on-site construction requirements of a conventionally built structure. This makes deployment to difficult areas much easier.

Dive Tank

The ECLIPS (formerly Sea Box International) Dive Tank was developed for the Australian Defence Force for Special Forces training and provides a fully functioning containerised scuba diving training tank. The unit is fully transportable once emptied and can be easily relocated as required.

Cadell Correctional Facility

ECLIPS (formerly Sea Box International) designed and delivered a High Security Modular Accommodation System (HSMAS) for the South Australian Government in Cadell, South Australia.
Based on container-based modular buildings, the HSMAS is an integrated system of modules that can be configured to cover a range of designs and security levels, from large facilities (including cells, common rooms, kitchens and other common areas) down to stand-alone high security accommodation cells.
The system is cost effective, flexible, transportable and environmentally friendly all with minimal on-site establishment and preparation time.

Aspen Laundry

This laundry module built for Aspen Medical was installed in the Solomon Islands. We deliver our products worldwide and pride ourselves on providing customised solutions to our customers.
If you look closely at the image of the laundry module, you can see the container is mounted on temporary footings. These footings allow the container to be installed with minimal site preparation and removed without any major disturbance, while also being sturdy enough to hold the container permanently.

Ablutions Block

As part of our Container-Based Modular Buildings, ECLIPS (formerly Sea Box International) offer a wide range of toilets and showering facilities. This custom-built ablutions block is a fully self-contained system with water storage, waste storage and electrical power, making it ideal for remote locations.