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News CEO Sleepout – A Thank You From Shaun

CEO Sleepout – A Thank You From Shaun

22nd June 2015

Just a quick note to thank you all for your very generous donations for the CEO Sleepout Program in Canberra – which raised over $330,000.

The activity was run very well by St. Vinnies and ADFA. When I arrived the instructions were “go and find somewhere dry to sleep, not in the buildings”. Of course Canberra turned out some low degrees for the occasion – but it could have been worse – the ‘very hot chilli kebab’ lunch strategy worked well. All in all a very humbling experience, particularly when considering the disturbing statistic that over 100,000 people sleep on the street every night in Australia (a full MCG). My biggest agenda in doing this activity is to increase awareness that over 3000 ADF Veterans are homeless and in a state of despair. In my view a completely unacceptable dynamic – as a Nation we owe these people better.

Thank you again for your generosity

Warm (now) Regards

SBI's Shaun Moore takes part in the CEO Sleepout